Errecom, Indesit, Mastercool, Parker, Refco and Wigam. Articles of these manufacturers can be found in our online shop category refrigerants, oils & Co.-Chemie. These manufacturers have been known for many years to produce excellent quality refrigerants, refrigeration chemistry and refrigeration oils. Further information on the article can be obtained by clicking on the corresponding product image. For information about the manufacturer, click on the desired manufacturer logo. ##ausblenden## With us you can order refrigerants, refrigeration chemicals and refrigeration oils of the market leading manufacturers in the field of refrigeration components at a fair price. Many of the products are in stock and can be delivered as quickly as possible. Buy refrigeration chemistry at SKH-Onlineshop With us you will find a wide range of high-efficiency sealants, refrigerant gas cylinders, refrigeration oils (refrigeration oil, vacuum pump oils, oil testers), detergents, disinfectants, flushing kits, ozone generator air purifiers, spare parts and accessories for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment from world-renowned manufacturers of refrigeration components such Loctite, Fox, Wigam, Emkarate, Danfoss, ITE, Mastercool, Parker, Shell, Mobile, Suniso at fair prices. Due to the large variety of types, the suitable solution can be found for almost every area of ??application in home and industry technology. Sealants are used everywhere, where joints are to be filled up. Silicone is primarily suitable for wet rooms and a large strain, while acrylic is more suitable for small joints and low stress. Whether you use sealing pens or special sealants depends on what you want to grout. But also where and which load the corresponding joints are exposed. Refillable containers are designed to store and transport refrigerants and can be stored in a well-ventilated location away from sources of ignition, sunlight and heat sources for extended periods of time. High-quality cleaning agents form a protective film on the evaporator and thus free the air conditioners (without dismantling) of bacteria, molds and germs and ensure fresh and clean air. Mineral oil or ester oil based refrigeration oil and vacuum pump oil ensure adequate lubrication and sealing of all moving engine components of the refrigerant compressor / vacuum pump, provide reliable corrosion protection, and convince with good viscosity-temperature behavior, high aging resistance, as well as perfect performance level and wide range of applications. Effective additives provide excellent wear protection even under extreme loads and at high temperatures. The long life expectancy of aggregates is closely related to the high quality requirements of the lubricating oils to be used. Oil testers are equipped with sensitive test fluids and are used to measure the quality of engine oils (aging monitoring and oil cleanliness), acid and moisture analysis according to the reference measurement method in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Ordered articles meet all requirements for sustainable construction, operational safety as well as extraordinary temperature demands and convince by long durability as well as health safety. The use of spare parts and accessories from chemical substances speak for their excellent quality properties and high efficiency. With spare parts and accessories, you get a safe and cost-effective way to protect your refrigeration and air conditioning systems from costly damage. We personally take care of your orders and strive to make your shopping experience as comfortable as possible. If you have questions or concerns, you can always write us an email or contact us by phone.