Embraco Aspera

Compressors / compressors from the manufacturer Embraco Aspera can be found in our onlineshop category compressors-Embraco Aspera. Embraco Aspera has been known for many years for producing excellent quality compressors. For information about Embraco Aspera, click on the manufacturer's logo. Further information on the article can be obtained by clicking on the corresponding product image. ##ausblenden## With us you can order compressors from one of the market leading manufacturers in the field of refrigeration components at a fair price. Many of the Embraco Aspera compressors are in stock and can be delivered as quickly as possible. Embraco Aspera compressor Embraco Aspera compressors and accessories at fair prices can be found in our online shop. Embraco Aspera has been manufacturing hermetic refrigerator compressors for over 40 years and is known as one of the world's leading Brazilian companies. The Embraco Aspera compressors have various applications in refrigeration: - Coolers and freezers in the household sector (R600a) - Water Coolers, Bottle Coolers, Waste Coolers, Small Refrigerators and Freezers (R134A) - Refrigerators, ice cream showcases and bottle coolers (R134a, R404a) - Freezers, ice makers and freezers (R134a, R404a, R22) - Cooling islands, large refrigerators and refrigerated display cases (R134a, R404a). Aspera Embraco compressors are available for high pressure (HBP), medium pressure (MBP), low pressure (LBP) and air conditioning (AC). Injection: capillary tube / expansion valve. Our shop also offers a wide selection of Aspera condensing units. These are available for high pressure range (HBP), medium pressure range (MBP) and low pressure range (LBP). Highly efficient condensing units allow a wider range of applications at higher ambient temperatures and reliable components ensure a longer service life. Aspera Embraco Group is one of the world's leading Brazilian companies (founded in 1971) with more than 11,500 employees in 80 countries offering highly efficient full hermetic refrigeration compressors on 5 continents. Aspera Embraco Company produces hermetic compressors, condensing units, electrical components and complete refrigeration systems for residential and commercial use on production sites in Brazil, Italy, China and Slovakia. Technological leadership, optimized operations and sustainability are some of the pillars that make Embraco Group one of the world's leading companies. Embraco is a major manufacturer of hermetic compressors, covering 25 percent of global production in this area. Energy-efficient, low-noise Embraco compressors are perfect for large freezers, refrigerators, ice cream showcases, bottle coolers, ice makers, freezers, refrigerated islands, refrigerated display cases, coolers, small refrigerators and freezers, and are highly efficient at higher ambient temperatures. International Group Embraco produces approximately 37 million different compressors every year. The company invests heavily in product development and innovation and has gained recognition as a renowned refrigeration technology provider. Embraco supports major international household refrigeration OEMs and is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial refrigerators.


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