Since 1976, the story has been going on  Two...

Since 1976, the story has been going on
Two generations, always ready for future challenges WIGAM was created in 1976 by the three historic partners Vincenzo Vangelisti, Gastone Vangelisti and Mario Gorno and since then, it has been a structure oriented towards the equipment for refrigeration and civil and A/C conditioning. The planning and creative vocation of the company, its constant search for quality and its qualified workers have made WIGAM a leading company in this sector. The continuous monitoring of the market enables the company to assist and meet the customers’ requirements quickly and with accuracy. WIGAM has always been investing in research and development in order to improve continuously and is paying a particular attention to the problems linked to the protection of the environment. The new generation in the company, Massimo Gorno and Alessandro Vangelisti bear in mind the above concepts and are adequately prepared for the future challenges of the market.

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