Frascold is a leading Italian company operating...

Frascold is a leading Italian company operating in the development, production and sale of compressors. Frascold celebrated its 80th anniversary and looks to the future. Since 1936, the company has travelled along a path made of transformations and attention to the latest technologies.

  • In all this time, Frascold has been producing compressors for the refrigeration and air conditioning sector, marketing them all over the world for a wide variety of applications.
  • ? It built its reputation and position in the international markets thanks to its ability for continuous product and technology improvement, and to its constant attention to customer relationships, so as to remain always at the forefront in its field.
  • ? The company operates through its plants in Legnano and Rescaldina. Nowadays, the Rescaldina plant is dedicated to the manufacture of semi-hermetic compressors that satisfy roughly 25% of the world needs.
  • ? The brand has a long and consolidated history in Europe and is now successful at a global level, thanks to its proven ability to pursue quality and innovation.