Shut-off valves

From our extensive offer in the online shop, you can opt for various refrigeration components such as shut-off valves, electromagnetic valves, expansion valves, ball valves, Rotalockventile, check valves, safety valves, reversing valves, changeover valves, water valves and extensive accessories for the aforementioned article. ##ausblenden##Shut-off valves interrupt the refrigerant line and are suitable for all shut-off tasks in suction lines, liquid lines and when emptying refrigerant circuits. The Kugelabsperrventil contains a valve ball whose passage opening corresponds to the diameter of the connecting pipes and thereby guarantees a minimum pressure loss. The shut-off valve in needle valve design controls the refrigerant even with little turning of the star grip. Shut-off valves from our range are characterized by a high long-term stability and a smooth opening and closing, which guarantees high efficiency and a long service life of the ordered items. We stock a wide range of market leading brands of shut-off valves such as Alco Controls, Bitzer, Carel, Castel, Copeland Emerson, Danfoss Secop, Frascold, Frigomec, Honeywell, Parker, Ranco and Sanhua. The shut-off valves can be ordered and purchased in 45 °, 90 ° or straight angulation in our online shop. The connection sizes are different and vary from 6 mm to 64 mm. The shut-off valves are suitable for all common refrigerants and work at temperatures from -40 C to +150 C and permissible operating pressure 35 - 45 bar In addition to shut-off valves, we also offer a variety of other valve variants as mentioned above.

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