Tecumseh L` Unite

Condensing unit condensing units without housing Tecumseh L` Unite. This manufacturer has been known for many years to produce excellent high quality, low cost condensing units. For information about Tecumseh L` Unite, click on the manufacturer's logo. Further information on the article can be obtained by clicking on the corresponding product image. ##ausblenden## With us you can order condensing units from one of the leading manufacturers in the field of refrigeration components at a fair price. Many of the Tecumseh L` Unite condensing units are in stock and can be delivered as quickly as possible. Tecumseh condensing units here in the SKH online shop In our well-stocked online shop you will find a wide selection of Tecumseh condensing units. The American company Tecumseh Europe has been the market leader in refrigeration compressors and condensing units for more than 70 years. Tecumseh l Unite Refrigeration has earned a reputation in the refrigeration industry for its excellent quality and attractive design. Tecumseh L Unite compressors and condensing units are known for their reliability, ease of installation and excellent performance. Tecumseh fully hermetic compressors are available for high pressure (HBP), low pressure (LBP) and air conditioning (AC). Rotary compressors are suitable for air conditioning. Tecumseh's energy-efficient compressors are designed for use with the R407c, R404a, 134a refrigerant. Tecumseh effluent kits have been developed for low pressure and high pressure applications of R404a refrigerants. L'Unite flow sets are advantageous due to easy component exchange, good thermodynamic properties and reduced sound power. The supply voltage for Tecumseh compressors and condensing units is either 400V - 3Ph - 50Hz or 220-240V - 1 Ph - 50Hz. For questions and concerns we are at your disposal. About the manufacturer Tecumseh Tecumseh Europe, a subsidiary of the American group Tecumseh Products Company, is a leader in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. The world famous brands of the group Tecumseh Products Company founded in 1934, led by James J. Connor are L'Unité Hermétique, Silensys, Wintsys, Masterflux, Celseon and Vector. Tecumseh offers its product range to more than 1,000 wholesalers and retailers on 5 continents and employs more than 1,350 people worldwide. Manageable International Company Tecumseh Europe produces reciprocating compressors, rotary piston compressors, scroll compressors and condensing units using proven and innovative technologies. Tecumseh has been committed to developing technologically innovative products with low energy consumption and high reliability for 80 years. The success of Tecumseh is based on key values: the value of the human being, the real focus on the customers and the space, the importance of high quality products and the services offered, permanent technical innovations. Tecumseh Europe's management system is recognized by the largest certification bodies: Cofrac laboratory approval and Asercom accreditation of compressors' cooling capacities, and is certified ISO 9001, 2008 quality management and ISO 14001 2004 environmental management. Tecumseh Europe's design and development office and laboratory guarantee performance levels and confirm the improvements made.